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Contract Placement

Finding a good contractor for a position or project can be daunting, but BCCUSA-MA, Inc can save you the time and frustration of searching on your own. If you are looking to fill a 3 (or) 6 months (or) a longer opportunity with no full-time employee obligations such as salary, benefits, paid holidays, vacation, etc work with us on a Contract Placement basis. In this situation, The IT consultant becomes a W-2 employee of BCCUSA-MA, Inc working at the client site under their direct supervision.

Meanwhile, BCCUSA-MA, Inc handles the bi-weekly payroll and assumes all overhead costs include but not limited to Taxes, relocation assistance, etc associated with putting BCCUSA-MA, Inc employees to work at the client site. This leaves the client with the sole responsibility of paying an hourly rate for the services performed by BCCUSA-MA, Inc employee. From a client's perspective, this offers a flexible and cost effective means to augment your development team with specialized BCCUSA-MA, Inc consultants. Most of the consultants that we utilize for this service are on BCCUSA-MA, Inc H1B1 visa and we take care of their immigration obligations.


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