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Oracle EBS Services


Oracle EBS and BCCUSA-MA will improve your organization’s productivity with an increased efficiency by integrating your data and processes. Oracle E-Business suite is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for enterprises. Customers get a comprehensive solution that increases reliability, scalability and flexibility in their day-to-day operations.

  • Perhaps the two most difficult challenges companies face today are how to unleash the promise offered by enterprise technologies such as Oracle and how to maneuver in the global economy. Fortunately, we can help you overcome both challenges.

  • BCCUSA-MA is a premier, global provider of Oracle enterprise solutions. One of the reasons we can say that is that we do something that few of our competitors cannot do: We use our internal team of experts in Oracle Applications and Technologies. We have successfully rolled out the Oracle E-Business Suite at our customers.

  • This experience as an Oracle end-user makes us a better Oracle service provider. When you partner with BCCUSA-MA, you benefit directly from all of the first-hand experience we’ve gained from deploying and supporting Oracle at our several customers. We can ensure that Oracle improves your business performance because we’ve learned how to use Oracle to improve our customer’s performance.

  • Our consultants not only have technology and Oracle functional expertise, but also they are business oriented, so they are knowledgeable on how to successfully redefine your business processes. We have developed Industry Specialty Areas that lead the consulting process from needs analysis to specification requests, ensuring the solution is designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Our Oracle Applications full life cycle implementation process is robust yet flexible and can be standardized according to our customer’s business process.
Oracle EBS Methodologies
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