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Idea Exchange

Idea Exchange is building a platform for the collaborative development of ideas into finished products, intellectual property, business, or other manifestations that have realizable economic value.. It will also use its collaboration platform to develop and launch products, business opportunities and corporations for its own account and in partnership with others.


Building Channels of Access

Building Channels of Access

Connecting those who have ideas with those who will help to advance them.

Providing a secure environment and process for exposing confidential ideas to people and organizations pre-qualified by their capacity to move ideas into the marketplace as finished products.
Partnering with early-stage investors for early and systematic assessment and review of projects developed on the Idea Exchange platform.
Building Communities of Interest

Building a community of can do organizations and professionals who recognize the value of and seek new ideas.

Building a Resource Center of skilled professionals, potential partners, services, software and tools.
Acquiring and partnering with professional idea communities.
Building new idea communities (Please see International Festival of Arts & Ideas).
Establishing forums and training in the use of technologies, tools and services that are a part of the Idea Exchange platform.
Sharing information between projects developed on the Company's platform.
Developing New Process for Relationship Building

Creating secure, monitored process for entering into new business relationships that mitigate key risks inherent in new relationships and offer a quicker path to relationship formations

Defining negotiation platform
> Optioning and selling ideas.
> Expanding and rounding-out project teams through umbershoot.
Developing Collaboration Tools that Offer Compelling Value

Monitoring the growing field of competing collaboration technologies.

Monitoring the field of technologies that promise opportunities for vertical market process compression.
Identifying the most probable market leaders of the future.
Identifying the most flexible, easy-to-use, extensible and scalable technologies.
Identifying the combinations of technologies that can deliver the greatest advances in productivity to the idea development marketplace.
Building partnerships and alliances with the companies whose collaboration platforms, technologies and tools are the most promising and which when integrated will offer users the greatest gains in competitive advantage.
Participating in the successful integration and marketing of technologies that offer quantum jumps in productivity for idea development .
Developing New Lower Risk Production Models

Qualifying and assembling the best vendors of production-on-demand services in numerous industries.

Developing replicable models for highly productive content development.
Developing New Lower-Risk Models for Marketing

Establishing the capacity to quickly assemble and commission creative teams to develop and launch new marketing and branding campaigns.

Designing self-funding promotional projects that result in new revenue streams to build awareness and trial of new products, services and brands.
Modeling and promoting the use of permission marketing in which the targets of marketing campaigns agree to participate in a relationship with the sponsor .
Engaging potential customers during the development process to compress the customer acquisition cycle and build customer ownership.
Identifying the combinations of technologies that can deliver the greatest advances in productivity to the idea development marketplace.
Using Idea Exchange’s collaboration tools and platform to deliver content, information and training.
Developing New Models for Distribution
Developing relationships and eventually partnerships in downstream channels.
Pioneering the use of pay-per-use distributed content.
Modeling and promoting the use of distribution partnerships formed during the development stage.
Developing a suite of content delivery options.
Pioneering new models of content syndication.
Developing New Compensation and Payment Models
Developing new, innovative applications of digital rights management.
Achieving maximum use of digital rights management and other pay-per-use technologies.
Demonstrating and supporting equity and revenue participation models for compensating project teams.
Promoting the concept of collaborator as venture capitalist .
Compiling and disseminating best practices for successful collaboration based on future compensation.
Providing integrated project management and project accounting applications.
Integrating All of the Above into a Unified Platform that Evolves
Developing a web-based framework that integrates all platform elements into an intuitive and logical user interface.
Providing for a la carte selection of technologies, processes and services as well as pre-packaged units for maximum customer access and flexibility.
Maintaining transparency, to the greatest extent possible, allowing the market the Company builds to determine the shape of the platform in the future.
Developing a powerful, effective system for market research and intelligence.
Striving for technology neutrality so the platform’s life cycle is not limited to the lifecycle of underlying technologies and services.
Maintaining primary allegiance to the interests of the user community.
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