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RMS - Introduction

RMS [ Recruitment Management System ] was developed to automate the recruitment process in an organization.It helps in placing the candidates to work for clients. RMS is used for sharing information, thoughts and ideas among the Recruiters in an organization RMS is a Client/Server based complete Recruitment System created on the Lotus Notes Platform.It is a comprehensive , multi - task system providing a very effective solution for all recruitment needs. You can think of RMS as an informal meeting place,where a group of recruiters can share ideas and comments.

Like a physical meeting, each member of the workgroup listens to what others have to say and can voice his/her own opinions.However, unlike a physical meeting, the participants do not have to be in the same room at the same time to share information. People can participate when it is convenient for them to do so . A user can also take a more active role in the discussion by sending a mail to other users as and when required.

RMS is useful for selecting the Candidates effectively and efficiently.This Package provideseffective security for the Candidate’s Information. It coordinates the activities of the Recruiters very effectively.

As a fully indexed Package,RMS allows for searching the skills of each of the candidate against the requirements of clientele. Remote connection feature allows the recruiters to access from their home or other sites. Document Imaging allows easy transfer of paper files to electronic form.

RMS provides direct e-mail integration between the recruiters and others. It provides an automated creation of form letters and envelopes which in turn saves time by removing the need for other applications

  RMS - Features
  Main Features fo RMS(Recruitment Management System)
Multi-Platform Compatibility (Windows-95, NT, UNIX, OS2)
Customizable viewing Screens
Document Imaging capability
Network Security
Remote Connectivity
Easily scaleable to many Servers
High speed indexed searching
Multi-user Package
Criteria-based Searching
Very User-friendly
Automatic generation of Offer letters, etc.,
Easy Import facility from any other Software
Faster Co-ordination between Recruiters
Very Effective & Efficient Mail Facility
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